Final Story-Profile Dr. Wiest

“That’s what I love to do-make music,” said Dr. Lori Wiest, the director of choral activities at Washington State University. Dr. Wiest is in charge of all the musical events and ensembles at WSU, which include Concert Choir, University Singers, Madrigal Chamber Singers, Opera Workshop, and VoJazz. She conducts two of those groups, Concert Choir and Madrigal Chamber Singers. Her position also includes a multitude of leadership roles such as the voice area coordinator, the representative for scholarships, coordinating tours for musical high school students, and more. After spending 23 years at WSU, she has spent 18 years as director of choral activities.

Prior to WSU, Dr. Wiest did her undergraduate studies at North Dakota State University, graduating in music education and chemistry. During her undergraduate, she also taught piano lessons as well as being the assistant director of college choir at the University. Dr. Wiest said these leadership roles were very important for her. Before going to graduate school, her mother recommended she take a teaching position,

“My mother called me and said ‘I don’t know if you’re going to be a good teacher, you’re so impatient!’” said Dr. Wiest.

She took a position in music education at a private school, teaching instrumental, vocal music, and chemistry. Dr. Wiest said working at the school broke down rigid barriers of hers, which prepared her for working with college students. Dr. Wiest said she considers herself a very analytical person, and chemistry gave her the fundamental idea of why things are composed the way they are, while music provided the aesthetics.

“Seeing the little picture, all the little details and seeing the big picture of where you want to be, is very important,” said Dr. Wiest.

She continued on to Arizona State University where she got her masters, and completed her doctorate at the University of Arizona, while also teaching at a community college.

Her family influenced her passion for teaching, always supporting her music events and education. Growing up, her older brother taught her the ways of the world, said Dr. Wiest. His teaching intrigued her, which lead her to want to be involved in teaching, educating or helping others, said Dr. Wiest.

Dr. Wiest’s teaching has influenced one of her students, Amanda Vander Woude, a graduate teaching assistant for Concert Choir.

“One thing I really appreciate about Dr. Wiest is she is really good under pressure,” said Vander Woude.

Dr. Wiest has to deal with varied personalities, and she understands how people tick, said Vander Woude.

Dr. Wiest said she enjoys the atmosphere and sound created by live concerts. She said a recorded concert doesn’t have the same spark of a live concert. She also said she credits the students, they sing for each other. She said the students always rise to the occasion, even in disaster. Dr. Wiest recalls one performance in particular, when the lights went out in the middle of the concert. The students kept performing, and the lights came back on before the performance ended. “Something has always worked out,” said Dr. Wiest.

Dr. Wiest and the students have been preparing for the Holiday Concert all semester. The WSU School of Music Holiday concert features the Madrigal Chambers Singers, University Singers, Concert Choir, Chamber Orchestra, and the Symphony Orchestra. Dr. Wiest said she enjoys the creative thinking and music making aspect of her job that comes with the preparation of the Holiday Concert.

“Music is like a sports team,” said Dr. Wiest. “When somebody wants to be a part of something they’ll work really hard at doing that. In choir, it’s like a team.”

Dr. Wiest said the best part of her job is working with the students.

“That’s what keeps me doing what I do,” said Dr. Wiest. “They become that inspiration for anything else that I do. It’s the dream job.”


Dr. Lori Wiest

Amanda Vander Woude




Script for Final Story Video Package

Introduction: Dr. Wiest

Wiest: quote

Shot one: Madrigal Chamber Singers, “Good King Wencelas”

Vander Woude: quote

Shot 2: Concert Choir

Wiest: quote

Shot 3: Chamber Orchestra

Narration: This year’s Holiday Concert includes performances by…

Shot 4: Madrigal Chamber Singers


Shot 5: University Singers


Shot 6: Concert Choir


Shot 7: Chamber Orchestra


Shot 8: Symphony Orchestra


Wiest: Quote

Final shot


Comma Splice

Comma splice? Yes or no. If it is a comma splice, fix the sentence.

1. “We just buy and sell real estate. It is what we do, but the market doesn’t dictate the price,” she said.

2. In 2007, while the average income in Washington was $55,628, the average income for Whitman County was $36,438.

3. He entered the three-mile race yesterday morning. However, he does not have any shoes.

4. “Take a little out of athletics, take a little from the library, and save the rest of the money,” Jones said.

5. Dan is using an emerging dairy trend; he installed an anaerobic digester two years ago.


Punctuate the following sentences.


6. Smith drove the car, the one with the dented door, down to the Sea of Cortez.


7. He left Pullman, Wash., late Friday night, which worried his father.


8. I am teaching the class, and you are messaging people on Facebook.


9. Being a member of a club that has more than 1,000 members can be overwhelming.


10. Hoping to leave early for Thanksgiving, Mary was shocked to find her car broke down on State Street.


A little math to stretch your brain this morning (Note: The following numbers have been fabricated. Don’t trust ’em.)


1. Last year, in-state tuition was $ 7,943.00. If tuition increases 13 percent for this year, how much will it cost you?


2. The drug test was taken by 177 students. Twenty-three failed. What percent passed?


3. A college’s budget increases from $100 million to $120 million. What’s the percent increase?


4. a. Times are tough on College Hill. Your pizza budget has been cut from $200 to $150. What was the percent decrease?


b. Bonus! You win $50 in a local pageant. Your pizza budget just jumped from $150 to $200. What was the percent increase?


5. Last year, your property tax bill was $1,152. This year, it rose to $1,275. What’s the percent increase?



6. Research funding at WSU increased 40 percent this year to $218 million. What was the funding last year?


7. Joe Smith wants to build a 2,500-square-foot house for him. The builder tells him it will cost $112 a square foot to build. How much will the house cost?


8. Desperate for revenue, the government decides to increase the tax on beer. The tax was 5 percent. But now it’s jumped to 6 percent.


     a. What’s the percent increase?


     b. What’s the percentage point increase?

1 point

9. Parents are always worried about the safety of their college student. But is Pullman safer than other areas? Let’s say Pullman had 183 assaults last year. Spokane had 502. Spokane has 200,000 people. Pullman has 25,000. How do we compare those two numbers? Is the average person more likely to be assaulted in Spokane or Pullman? (Again, not real figures.) How much more likely?

Per capita: 183/25,000=.00732 7.32 assaults per 100 people

502/200,00= .00251 2.51 assaults per 1000 people

10. Five houses sold in your neighborhood for the following prices: $225,000;  $207,000; $3.2 million; $129,000; $192,000.

a. What’s the mean price? 790,600

b. What’s the median? 207,000

     c. Which is a more accurate measure of the typical home price?

median price

Includes some examples from Poynter


Edit these sentences.


1. He competed in (eleven/11) events.
He competed in 11 events.


2. The boy, (five/5) was not injured in the crash.

The boy, 5, was not injured in the crash.


3. More than (one-third/1/3) of the students failed the assignment.

More than one-third of the students failed the assignment.


4. The store owner discounted the shirt 25 (%/percent).

The store owner discounted the shirt 25 percent.


5. The stock price rose (4/four) percent last year.

The stock price rose 4 percent last year.

6. The police department reported (over/more than) 200 cases of fraud.

The police department reported more than 200 cases of fraud.

Story 3 – Audio/Video

WSU Dad’s Weekend Video


INTRO: Every year, hundreds of RV’s flock to the WSU parking lots in preparation for Dad’s Weekend.

Where cougar sons and daughters, join their fathers and families in anticipation for the weekend events. Even a looming storm cloud won’t keep them from enjoying Pullman this weekend.


Shot of parking lot


Shot of Beasley sign


Scrolling apartments


DWANE HAMMOND: “I think we’ll make this an every-other-year event.”


Shot of flags


KURT WILCOX: “As always, it was a lot of fun.”


Shot of people dancing


CHARLES BROOKS: “After that, I felt better about the Cougars losing.”


Shot of WSU stadium cheering



6 shots, 3 scenes

Shot #1: Wide angle shot of the parking lot

Shot #2: Wide angle shot of a BBQ

Shot#3: Close-up of food grilling

Shot #4: Close-up of beverages

Shot #5: zoom in on WSU flag/logo

Shot #6: Fade out of people cheering in parking lot/at game


Scene #1: The alumni or season ticket holder parking lot

Scene #2: tailgater’s trailer

Scene#3: Martin Stadium